Online since 1993, our mission is to: "educate and facilitate public dialog on vital topics of public interest."

We Cover Issues Like:

  • The human-caused global warming emergency and how to prepare for and adapt to its escalating consequences
  • Sustainable prosperity principles and breakthroughs in evolutionary science (Evolution 2.0)

Social justice issues like:

  • Internet personal privacy, censorship protecting whistleblowers, Internet neutrality, etc.
  • Income inequity, privatization of public assets and democracy issues
  • Personal, business, community, and national emergency preparedness education
  • Unethical influence or coercive influence tactics used in political, social, economic and religious settings, government and corporations
  • The secret, illegal or unethical collection and use of private or "Big Data" by government and corporations
  • Healthy and safe spiritual and religious practices (Religion 2.0)

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